The short answer is no you cant, our compulsory overnight stops are compulsory...

We not only stop because our driver's need to recharge for the next day, but because we know you cant travel to the other side of the world and skip this stop.

However, if you do really want to skip a stop, there is the odd occasion where you maybe able to skip an extra night, in the locations where we have two nights. This however depends on the timetable. It would be more than likely that in our low season (June to September) you will be unable to do this. 

If you do want to skip a stop, you might be able to to do it via public transport. Check out the below links to public services you could use to get you to the next destination:




If you do happen to skip ahead, make sure to let the reservations team know so they can get you booked onto another bus and free up a seat for someone who would like to travel from the stop you have skipped.