Do you have a different pass to your friend?

Generally this will be fine, it all depends on what passes you both have booked. 

Check out the map below, this will help you figure out whether you can travel together. The Green (Funky Chicken) and Brown (Sheepdog) lines are the main circuit for most of our passes. If you both have this 'main circuit' included in your pass then all you need to do is make sure you're all booked onto start on the same date. We only have one bus departure per day in accordance with our bus timetable relevant to that particular month.

We recommend you contact us all together, rather than individually to book your start sate. This enables us to make sure you are all booked onto the same date and give's you that piece of mind. 

Obviously due to the fact that you have different passes there will be some destinations that you won’t be able to travel to together because they’re not included in your pass. However, you can easily add these on! If you decide you would like to purchase any “add-ons” which would enable you to travel to places not included in your initial pass then you can simply book this through your driver guide once travelling on the Kiwi Experience or directly through the reservations team if you would like to book before you start.