Don't panic, you can still access social media and your friends and family at home...

You are able to get access to WiFi at most hostels, however it will cost you. In some places on our route, you will get very limited or no internet or phone coverage at all... Your driver will advise you if you are going into a bad area on the day. 

You have been warned

Something a lot of passengers don't understand is why our internet is expensive and not that great. Well here New Zealand we have a perfectible good explanation for you. Basically New Zealand gets it's internet coverage from Australia, who get theirs from Asia. We are the last in the chain and thousands of miles away from the original source, hence why Southeast Asia's internet is better than ours. 

It doesn't mean you can't get it. Its just you have to pay for it and it might not always work.

Click here for more information on internet and Wifi options