So it is more than likely if you are travelling with us during summer, you will hear the words Standby!

If you are told you are on standby, it basically means the bus you are trying to get on is full and we have put you on the list , that if a space becomes available you as well as others will be in the mix for a chance to get a confirmed seat.

However don't panic just yet, standby lists often change. Our passengers changer there minds, sleep in, aren't even in the country yet or just don't show up in the morning. When this happens it opens up there seat on the bus, therefore someone on the standby list then has the chance to get a confirmed place on the bus. 

In summer this happens on a regular basis, so we are used to it and when we tell you not to worry its because we know its more that likely you will get on the bus! 

Make sure to call the reservations team the day before to check on the status of your bus. If you're still on standby, still go to the pick-point in the morning it's more than likely someone will sleep in and miss there bus, which is what we call a no show. If you you happen not to get on the bus, call us straight away to get you put on the standby list for the following day - this would be worst case - we never usually have passengers on standby for more than two days. 

Please be aware, that you can not be on a standby list and a confirmed seat on another date. Our system simply does not allow us to do this. 

If you do have more concerns about your standby, feel free to contact us.