Pick-ups are generally in the morning, why you may ask?

Pick-ups range from 06:45 to 13:00 depending where in the country you are. This is because we want to make the most out of your day, we also need to get you to the next destination for activities you may want to participate in and also to enjoy what this area has to offer. We may also have an action packed day on the road, stopping at places of interest for walks or swims that we know you'll love!

The times we leave a little bit later, is usually due to fact that the activities on offer are done in the morning before we leave. 

If you want to check out the pick-up times, see the link below:

Kiwi Experience Pick-Up Times

It is really import you listen to the drivers when they talk as they will be telling you information that you may need to know for the next day - like your pick-up time. So at the end of each day your driver will tell you what time you need to be ready and where you need to be!