Wanting to know when we get into each destination? 

These are handy to know as you can start planning on what you want to do in each location as you know how much time you will have there. .

Please see below approx arrival times - you will always have time to be doing activities either the day we get there or the morning that we leave. =)

Auckland > Hot Water Beach -  1.30pm ( depending on the tide at Hot Water Beach)

Hot Water Beach > Waitomo - 2.00pm 

Waitomo > Rotorua - 1.30pm

Rotorua > Taupo - 1.30pm

Taupo > River Valley - 4.30pm

River Valley > Wellington - 6.30pm

Wellington North > Taupo - 2.30pm

Taupo > Auckland Via Rotorua - 3.00pm

Please note that these are only approximate times they may vary.