This is a very popular place that people jump off our Kiwi Bus as it there is so much to see and do here!

This is where you really get to see the Maori Culture. 

From Waitomo to Rotorua you have the opportunity to go and do Hobbiton - Let your driver know if you wish to do this activity.

If you don't want to do Hobbiton you have plenty of other activities to choose from in Rotorua once we get there. 

If your looking for a Maori cultural experience, these are done at night time so you have all afternoon to do what you like and you also have the morning in Rotorua to do an activity. 

When booking activities through the bus driver he always gets discounts- so if your interested in an activity let him know. 

Please see below some activities you can do in each destination. 





Kaitiaki Rafting White water rafting

Te Puia

Polynesian Spa


Please see below a link below with more history on Rotorua and what to do. 

Rotorua Destination Information