Finally arriving in to Queenstown! This is where heaps of memories are made! Queenstown is such a cool place as there always something on or something to do. But this is a place that a lot of people will be saying goodbye to people on the bus as most of the passengers go there separate ways from here. 

Activities in Queenstown - 

AJ Hackett

Kiwi Discovery Skiing

Dart River

Pub Crawl

Loco Bar Queenstown


Kawarau Rafting

Redrock Queenstown

Shotover Jet Queenstown

Shotover Canyon

Skyline Queenstown

World Bar Queenstown

If you are keen to do any of these activities the bus driver will help you book these before you get into Queenstown. 

If you want to know about the history and more on what to do in Queenstown please click the link below.

Queenstown Destination Information