Yes you can, however there is limited places on the route that will easily allow you to do this!

Where can i camp with my own tent:

Hot Water Beach - The Kiwi Experience crew stay at HWB Top 10 Holiday Park, they have an on-site camp ground you can use to pitch your own tent.

Waitomo - Kiwi Experience stay at Kiwi Paka in Waitomo. There is a camp ground just across the road if you would rather camp. Your drop-off/pick-up point will still be Kiwi Paka, so just a short walk to and from. 

River Valley - Kiwi stay at River Valley Lodge, they have on-site camping if you wanted to camp

Kaiteriteri - We stay at Kaiteri Lodge, just next door is a camp ground you can use. You will just need to walk to and from the campsite for your drop-off and pick-up

Westport - Bazil's is where our crew stay, and there is a camp site almost onsite. However this is subject to availability, so if you do want to camp speak with your driver about camping in Westport. 

Wanaka - We stay at Base, the camp ground is just across the park (roughly a 600 metre walk) again you would need to walk to and from Base Wanaka for your drop-off and pick-up.

Queenstown - We stay at Nomads in Queenstown, but if you would rather camp let your driver know and he/she might be able to drop you off at the Top 10 Holiday Park, which is where you will be able to camp. If you are camping here make sure to contact reservations and they will need to change your pick-up point to the Top 10 Holiday Park. 

Lake Tekapo - We stay at Lakefront Lodge, which has an on-site camp ground. 

Kaikoura - This is just across the road from the Top 10 Holiday Park in Kaikoura. Your pick-up point will be Lazy Shag, you are best to let the reservations team know you will need picking-up from the Lazy Shag. 

You are able to camp in other areas on our route, however the above are the most convenient places as we can either pick you up from the ground or its a very short walk to our pick-up point. Anywhere else can be a good 45 minute walk to get to and from. 

Happy Camping!