In a nutshell... Minimum time stands for the shortest time you can get from your starting point to the last destination. 

Our minimum travel times include spending an extra night (so 2 nights total) in Taupo, Franz Josef and Queenstown because they’re so awesome, one night just isn't enough. If you’re on a deadline and you need to make it to your destination faster you can sometimes miss these extra days out but this is timetable dependent. You may have trouble skipping these places in low season (Winter time) as we do not run as many services. 

Some tips for travelling on minimum time -

- Add a day either side of your expected start and finish date. So jet-lag/flights don't get in the way of your Kiwi Experience! 

- Its a good idea to book in all your buses in advance and get your itinerary sent to you. This way you know you have a confirmed seat on the bus (this is really important in high season). 

- If you do need to skip an extra night but Kiwi Experience doesn't have a bus travelling, you could always use a public transport bus to get ahead. (Please note - Kiwi Experience can not book this for you and it is at your own expense) 

Check our timetables for more information

Kiwi Experience Timetables