Check out the map below when thinking about where to hop-off...

You can get off anywhere along our route whether it be the green or black dots. 

Jumping off at the green dot stops (compulsory stops), remember these tips:

- If you are spending longer than the one night, keep in mind you may need to book your extra nights accommodation yourself. 

- You will also need to get in contact with the reservations team with the date you wish to hop back onto the bus. 

Jumping off at the black dot stops (optional stops), take note of these points:

- You need to book your own accommodation. We only guarantee accommodation for green dot stops.

- It's worth having a New Zealand phone number that we can give to the driver who will be picking you up. This is in case of any delays or the driver is unable to find you.

- Make sure to book back on the bus, especially during our summer season. Buses fill up fast and it can be tricky to get on at the black dot stops if the bus is full. Or let us know if you are making your own way to the next stop, again with a pick-up date from there.