You've changed your mind and would like to start on a different date...

Sweet as, to change your start date you will just need to contact our reservations team either by emailing or giving them a call. 

Three important pieces of information we need to know when changing your start date, when emailing or calling:

- Your reference number

- Where you will be staying the night before you start your trip

- And of course the date you wish to change to

If you are travelling on one of our National Passes and do not wish to start in Auckland. Please let us know where it is you wish to start instead. Our contact details are as below:


Email -

Phone - (+64) 9 336 4286

Free Phone (from NZ landline only) - 0800364286

Make sure to check out our current timetables for when you can change your date to:

Kiwi Experience Timetables

Please advise us at least a couple of days before hand so we can get you on a confirmed seat as in our peak season these buses will be filling up fast. At least a week in advance is advised in our summer season (January to March)!