New Zealand is known for having four seasons in one day, so pack a few items for all kinds of weather!

Depending on the Island (North or South) you are on can hugely impact the climate you will be experiencing. Both Islands, can differ in temperature, hours of sunshine, rainfall and even snowfall! Below gives you a rough idea on what to expect:

North Island 

Summer can range between 20 - 30°C (70 - 90°F), usually reaching the highs in the North Island, so make sure to pack your togs (that's Kiwi talk for swimwear), sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. The New Zealand sun is very dangerous, due to it being some of the strongest levels of UV radiation in the world, so be sun-wise guys! Still recommend you bring a jumper, as in the evening the temperature can drop. Also a raincoat, as we do experience rain every now and then - which is sometimes a good thing, takes the sticky humidity out of the air!

Winter is usually around 10 - 15°C (50 - 60°C), with it reaching the highs in the North Island. It can get a bit chilly, so make sure to bring your woolly jumper and even your raincoat - we don't get as much rain as the UK but we do get some! Going up to Northland, it can be a little bit warmer but probably not shorts weather.   

South Island

Again summer can range between 20 - 30°C (70 - 90°F), however on this Island it is usually hitting the cooler end of the scale. The temperature at night will definitely drop, so make sure you have that jumper with you, but during the day you'll be able to put on those shorts and t-shirts especially in the North of the South Island, where it usually see's the most hours of sunshine per year in New Zealand. You'll need your raincoat for when you get down to the rain-forest in Franz Josef, so don't forget to pack a light one!

Again winter is usually around 10 - 15°C (50 - 60°C), again it is on the colder end of the scale it can even get colder than the average, often towards the bottom of the South Island - Wanaka, Queenstown and Milford - hit the minus' as this is where are awesome ski-fields are! This is usually towards the end of June through to end of August, with the temperature warming slowly from there up until the end of December. So if you are planning to hit the South Island in winter pack those winter woolly's, hats and scarfs.

New Zealand is beautiful in all weather, so whether you decide to come in Summer or Winter, you wont go home without falling in love with our country!