Food... Food... Food... Everybody loves food especially when it's trying something new!

Well i am about to break your heart a little bit, New Zealand cuisine is pretty similar to European foods. However we have one particular advantage - IT'S FRESH - our food is generally fresh of the fields, orchards or out of the sea straight to the local supermarket. Even the meat hasn't traveled far to reach the shelves!

You can usually tell whats in season and what isn't, as the food goes up in price when it isn't. So if you are wanting to stick to a budget, stick to the food in season it's usually a lot cheaper than the fruit and veg that isn't in season during that time. 

In saying that we are a multi-cultural country, so there is a lot of Asian cuisine also around - might not be as good as the street Pad Thai you had in Thailand - but there are some awesome restaurants and food malls around if you did want your Asian kick! 

You can also find some really awesome little cafes offering vegetarian, vegan and raw food! Which if you are into that kind of food are generally awesome places to eat!

Whilst you are here make sure to try some of our delicious 'Kiwiana' foods and drinks. See the list below for some foods/drinks you may not find anywhere else in the world:


Pineapple Lumps


Chocolate Fish

Whitakers Cholocate

Afghan biscuits


Kiwi Fruit

Anzec biscuits

Pavolva - the Aussie's will try and argue the fact that it is there's, but it is in fact ours!

Hangi - Traditional Maori dinner

Pie's - the meat type

Whitebait Fritters

Manuka Honey

Hokey Pokey Ice-Cream



New Zealand Wine - Ok, so you probably will drink this elsewhere, but where better to drink New Zealand wine, than in New Zealand

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