Us Kiwis love our country!

So to help you be green not mean like us we’ve written a few tips to help you care for New Zealand while you’re cruising around on the big green bus. Make sure to only leave your footprints, Aroha Aotearoa (love New Zealand).

Rubbish n’ stuff

  • Don’t spit or litter - do the right thing and put it in the bin!
  • Chewing gum and cigarette butts count as rubbish - in the bin, not the gutter.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and cans.
  • Be careful with pollution around waterways, it can kill New Zealand’s marine life.

Water and electricity

  • Change that 20 minute shower to a 5 minute one instead.
  • Turn taps off while you shave and brush your teeth.
  • Use the half flush button on the toilet...when you can.
  • Only turn on a heater if you have to and close your curtains and room doors to keep the heat in. Sleeping in a shared dorm helps keep you warm!
  • Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room (or need to set the mood...)
  • Turn appliances off when not in use.
  • Once your cell phone, MP3 player or camera is fully recharged unplug it. Even when fully charged the charger still uses electricity.
  • Team up with a fellow traveller and share your laundry loads.

Shopping, scoffing and guzzling

  • You don’t need a plastic bag for an apple and a soft drink. If you need a bag take an old bag or use a recyclable one.
  • New Zealand drinking water is some of the best in the world, so reuse your plastic water bottles (saves you money too). The only place you need to boil it first is in the small town of Geraldine, by Christchurch.
  • Get refill packs for washing detergents, buy smaller packs, or share with others so you don’t throw chemicals away at the end of a trip. Give your leftovers away to other travellers.
  • Reuse your beer or wine glass.
  • Avoid buying plastic cutlery and using straws for your drinks.
  • Wash vegetables in a large bowl together rather than one at a time under running water.

Nature is awesome – help keep it that way

  • Be “fire wise” and always observe our forests fire risk status (the colourful signs you see on the side of the road).
  • Follow trails and support conservation by paying entrance fees where requested.
  • Didymo (also affectionately known as rock-snot) can threaten New Zealand lakes and rivers. Make sure you rinse yourself and your clothes with fresh water before re-entering another waterway.

Do your bit and help keep New Zealand green.