If you are arriving into Auckland this is a great starting point for your Kiwi Experience.

If you are very short on time i would suggest you starting your pass as soon as you can. This is because there so many cool places to see out there in our beautiful country - why just chill and stay in the city- when you could be chilling on the beach or taking a lovely walk through the most scenic walks. 

If you do have a lot of time though - You can come down to our office (85 Beach Road) and talk to one of our Reservations team and we can help you plan your journey out if you like. 

When your wanting to start your pass you need to let the reservation crew know where you are staying the night before for a pick up location and what day you wish to start. 

Please see below a link that tells you more about the history of Auckland and what to see and do there. 

Auckland Destination Information