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I'm beginning to plan my journey around NZ, I've booked to use the Kiwi ex, I fly in november 3rd and fly out December 1st, With giving a day either side that leaves me 25 days to travel with the Kiwi ex. Planning the north of the island first i've come to a total of 10 days and thats not being generous and staying for only 1 night most places, Obviously this leaves me 15 days for the entire south of the island sending me into complete panic about how on earth i'll fit it all in! My main worry is staying one night in a location only gives me the time I arrive on said day, spend the night and catch the bus the next morning giving no time to fit any activities. Can some one please put my panic at ease and is 25 days going to be enough, or am i going to have to find more days somewhere baring in mind I fly to Fiji from Auckland for a 2 week experience there.


Kia Ora Louis, thanks for getting in touch with Kiwi Experience!

You are correct in saying that the minimum time needed to complete the North Island is 10 days, with 15 days then to do the South Island (minimum time).  

About 80% of our passengers do only travel on the minimum time and really enjoy it. This means staying with the same group of people for your whole trip where you are bound to form tight friendships. If you are looking at extending your stay in some places then we can do our best to help you out with this. 

Please contact us directly on 09-336 4286 or send us an email to with your booking reference number so that we can help you plan out your trip to make the most of your time in New Zealand!

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