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hi, i am interested to take the sheepdog and accommodation add on (new zealand unique stays) package, just wonder, is the add on already include all the accommodations for my journey? if not, should i book the hotel my own for the nights which are not included or i have to overnight in the bus? 

Kia Ora David

The accommodation add on includes certain accommodation suppliers but not all, it includes a night dorm accommodation in:

-Hot Water Beach 


-River Valley


-Lake Mahinapua

-Lake Tekapo

In the other location your driver can assist you will booking accommodation during your travels

I'm also looking to book the Sheepdog experience, but was wondering whether you would normally book all accommodation in advance of the trip. Or is there usually a lot of availability and therefore you can just book once you're at the location?

Kia Ora Tim

All Accommodation during your travels is booked through your driver, this will then ensure you have a guaranteed dorm bed in each overnight stop that we do, this means that no matter whats going on in the town whether there's an event on or the hostel is full there will always be a bed for you :) 

thanks for the replied and  i have booked a pass (sheepdog) for my May trip and i plan to book all my 17 days accommodation from the driver, mind to know roughly how much i should prepare for that? and which add on tour package is suitable for sheepdog? 

Kia Ora David

Accommodation is based in a backpacker hostel and the price ranges from 22-31NZD per person per night, this is in a dorm room that normally ranges from 4-12 bed dorms, obviously the smaller the rooms the higher the price. In regards to activity packs The Best ones to purchase are either the North Gotta Do or the Get Experienced packs which you can find more info on these as below:

Hi, I hope I'm not beating a dead horse with my question.  I'm planning on purchasing your Sheepdog package for this upcoming March.  I'm a little confused on one part of the package.  I understand that you will be providing transportation from Auckland to Christchurch.  The tour package includes (in the total price $499 NZ) the first night (with the 2-night exceptions of Taupo, Franz Joseph, and Queenstown)  stay for each destination, correct? Or is it an additional cost for every night, including the first night at each stop?  And if I wanted to stay longer at a certain destination then I would be responsible for lodging for each additional night, right?  I really want to do this tour just trying to figure out all the costs.

Look forward to hearing back from you.  Thanks.

Kia Ora Zundel

In regards to your enquiry the price is for the bus transport only, the 'guaranteed accommodation' means that if for any reason the accommodation becomes full for an event in the town/city that you visit you will still be guaranteed a bed for each over night stop we do.

This means each overnight stop you will have a bed booked. If you do stay longer then the compulsory overnight then you will just need to prearrange our accommodation before you get there or when you check in on the first night.

I hope this assists with your questions, however if you need anything further please let us know

Hi there! I have a doubt; If I book all the accomodation with YHA, will the bus take me there/from there the next day? And how much is the discount On the bus passes for a YHA cardholder? Thank you in advance!

Hi Nadia

Good question about the YHA's. 

They are a very popular hostel and there are quite a few around New Zealand. 

We provide a pick ups and drop offs at the YHA's in most towns however you will need to organise your own nights there and advise us that's where your staying. 

Our guaranteed night's tend to be with Nomads or Base and then a few smaller hostel's in between the big towns which is why the driver won't be able to book you in there. It's definitely not a problem to stay at the though!

In regards to the discount it is normally around $50 off the pass but this can't be used in conjunction with a special. I would suggest checking whats on special when you want to book and comparing the price to the other passes as it tends to work out cheaper with the promotions we have. 

Any other questions feel free to either email directly or reply back to this. 

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